Mar 28, 2010

Haibun: Kyoto (day 2 of 7) ©

Today, I left off from the New Miyako Hotel at 8:30 am. Miyako told me that we will be visiting Kyomizu-dera, Myoshin-ji, and Shisendo. I was really excited for I can relate to these places, especially Myoshin-ji for some secret reasons. Whilst I was in the car, I listened to my iPod and fantasized about many things like I did in South Korea last year.

Scent of the morning

of the Ancient Capital

What awaits me soon?

When we arrived at Kyomizu-dera, there were a lot of people at the temple's road. I was delighted to see a monk whom I had a photo with just like the monk in Seoul, South Korea. Miyako then took me to the entrance where I saw the pagoda. I thought to myself, "Holy sh*t this place is insanely amazing." We also saw some Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and they were purty. As we drew close to the core, I can't help but to realise that this temple is what always appears in Kyoto postcards. It's the pagoda that's always lit up at night and stuff. When we walked around it, I just felt like going samurai. Miyako and I then went to the Kyomizu-dera stage where we saw some pretty autumn trees. After Kyomizu-dera, we headed for Shisen-do. Whilst we were in the car, Miyako was laughing at me for music tripping to Ren Zhe by Jay Chou. When we arrived at Shisen-do, I was dazzled by the tall bamboos that was laying before me at the entrance. I thought to myself, "I wonder how this place looks like by night." The entrance has many steps with bamboos lined at both sides. We saw the interior of Shisen-do and I asked Miyako if this is one of those Zen gardens that I see on the net. She said the garden was only part of the temple. Amidst the autumn trees, we saw this sozu, or deer scarer which had a cute black lizard in it (shouldn't it be scared away by the sozu?). When we finished seeing Shisen-do, we ate at a place called 豆花 (mamebana is how I read it). The food was pretty good, especially the tofu. After eating, we headed for Myoshin-ji, which unlike Kyomizu-dera, only had a few people in it that day. We enjoyed it's great zen gardens and pretty cherry blossoms. I was so surprised to see how big Myoshin-ji is. It covers so much land that I was never disappointed with what I saw.

Spring trees, summer suns,

autumn leaves and winter snow

walk upon Kyoto

After a long day visiting temples, we headed back to New Miyako Hotel where I spent the rest of my day lazying around my bed. It sure was nice to see more of Kyoto and then just kick back after a tiring but exciting day.

Mar 22, 2010

Haibun: Virtual Vacation in Kyoto (day 1 of 7) ©

Today was my first day in my virtual vacation in Kyoto. I stayed at the New Miyako Hotel where I will be staying for seven days. I left off today at 8 AM via shuttle bus. The tour guide's name was Miyako (coincidence) and the driver's was Fumio. Miyako told me that we will be seeing Tofuku-ji, Yasaka Shrine, and Mibu-dera today. The rest of the day, she said, will be my free time.

As we were heading towards Tofuku-ji, I couldn't fall asleep because I was so excited. When we got there, Miyako took me to see the front gate of Tofuku-ji which was the Myoan-ji gate. Then she took me to the Gyoun bridge where I saw some amazingly colourful autumn trees. She then brought me to some steps where I saw more autumn trees. Finally, we saw Tofuku-ji itself and we were the only ones allowed to enter cuz we were so cool. After Tofuku-ji, we headed for Yasaka Shrine. When we arrived, Miyako and I went under a torii, or spirtual gate. It was a great feeling to pass under one. We enjoyed the colourful autumn trees and the beautiful sights of Yasaka Shrine. Then we headed to Mibu-dera where we saw some beautiful machiya, or traditional Japanese houses. The interior of Mibu-dera is very beautiful and has a warm atmosphere. There, we watched the sunset from the Mibu-dera gate.

After all that, we returned to New Miyako Hotel where we ate our dinner. We returned to our rooms after eating and taking pictures of the hotel at night. I immediately opened my laptop to make a blog about this and then went to bed after.

First day in Kyoto-

Tomorrow, I shall see more

of its great beauty

Mar 18, 2010

Dementia ©

Things have lost their meaning,
As the sun slowly dies
I feel my mind ripping,
Nearing to my demise

I have no plans for tomorrow,
I have no plans for the next week
My heart seems to be so hollow,
And my soul refuses to speak

Mar 15, 2010

Haiku: Pacman ©

A living legend-
National Fist, our hero
has once again, won

Mar 5, 2010

Haiku: 夏 (Summer) ©

Tree shadow-
In whisper of leaves
-Summer Dream