Sep 30, 2009

Haiku: Ryuuseiu (Meteor Shower) ft. Meteor Shower by basilEaf

The still evening sky
Alas, their final hour
The old stars let go

Watching the dark sky
Spectacular lights were seen

Meteor Showers came

Sep 27, 2009

Haiku: Amaya (Night Rain)

The wet garden grass
On a night of Suizuki
It showers once more

Haiku: Kyuu (Old Friend)

Nostalgic, I lie
Like the seasons, you have changed
Now, I must let go

Haiku: Jigoku (Hell)

You desired war
Here I am, in your last words
I drag you to hell

Sep 26, 2009

Haibun: Nichiyoubi no Saihi (Sunday Afternoon)

It is the day of the sun. Today, I went to the temple with my family. It was the fourth hour after the sun has risen. It is silent; the clouds are shining. We take the Tree Road as the route to the temple. During the passage, we pass by another temple that laid in a village, we passed by my family's restaurant which serves food from the Middle Kingdom, we passed by my grandparents' house, and we also passed by this shop on a field. It sells different house plants such as orchids, bushes, bonsai, etc. We finally reached the temple and there were many people. This is rare because there were usually only a few people at this temple every Sunday morning. We enter inside and my family went on the second floor while I went on the third. To my surprise, there was a celebration within the interior of the temple. It was of a child which I do not know. I noticed that there have been additional people who were apart from the people I usually know in the temple.

Inside holy grounds
The people come to gather
-the teachings of God

After our time at the temple, we head to a village where our restaurant went to by means of carts to sell food for the celebration of a religion tomorrow. As we ended our visit, we head to a shopping district where we sometimes spend our time after the temple visit, rather than going down South. It is high noon and the sun seems to cook the earth and I presumed it will rain later on. As we enter the shopping district, we went for lunch. We ate at a sushi restaurant where I ordered Tendon and Ryumaki(what I call Dragon rolls). We were first served miso. I observed the restaurant and saw the tied bamboo sticks with flower designs on the wall. The ceiling of the counter table was designed with black pieces of wood. As I took a sip of my miso, I felt the great serenity that it brings me. This made me notice the lanterns in the ceiling. As I was served Ryumaki and Tendon, I enjoyed them so well that I forcefully finished my Tendon and felt very stuffed.

Sitting on table
I am offered Heaven's food
-I cannot handle

After eating, we head to the supply store where I purchased two paint brushes, red and black ink, and coloured paper for my paint work. Then, we stopped by another shop to buy some cosmetics. Unfortunately, on of my paint brushes were lost. We then proceeded to buy some dessert and went home. As we were heading home, it started to rain just like I presumed. The weather this Rain Month is quite extreme. It was just really hot lately but now the Tree Road is silvery wet. It was a very cold and windy rain. As we enter our village, the bushes and grasses were dripping wet in the strong rain and the road was slippery wet. We finally reached our house which was quite blurred in the rain. Now is the time to relax and just listen to the rain.

Sep 25, 2009

Haiku: Kusa (Grass)

Swaying in the wind
As the evening mist passes
-Green grass of the night

Haibun: Kitaku (Returning Home)

Now, the sun has set and the sky turns indgo. I am now returning home from down South. The capital is now sprinkled with lights.The street lanterns are lit as the shadows of trees and bushes haunt the corners of each street. The elderly gather to visit the temples while the youth gather to have a good time.

Now the sun has set
-The light of the villages
The sky wakes the moon

As I take the long road back home, I pass by an endless procession of yellow lantern lights leading me back home. The evergreen fields that sandwiched the long road have now turned into a field of shadows. The procession of lanterns finally end and the shadow of the night sky begins to shade me. After that, I finally reached my hometown. The streets were lively and bright. There were shops that warmly welcomed their customers. But as I near to my home village, the shops began to mellow as if the time to rest grows near. I stop by a shop to buy some bread as the cool wind smothers the exterior of the shop. I stop by at my grandparents' house for an evening visit and then bid them goodbye. I then head to my home village.

My mellow village
It glistens within the night
Seasons will pass by

I am now in my home village. The shadow of dark bushes lay still amidst the lanterns as the mist haunts the dark streets. I enter my home with the moist green grass and the cat that awaits me. The lanterns were lit and the evening mist blurred the windows. Now, it is time for me to rest.

Haibun: Amagumo (Rain Clouds)

Leaving my grandparents' home, I set on a journey down South. I straight to the road which was covered by trees and a gray sky that awaited. It whispers rain.
As I was travelling, I drew closer down South. I first pass under a blue arch to where the trees danced gently in the cool Rain Month's breeze.
I pass by mellow fields and evergreen plantations of rice and banana trees. There layed silver waters that are stagnant in the bogs that are scattered on the evergreen fields.

World of the ancients
Generations seem to run
Mother Nature stays

The bogs all around the fields seem to look like a mix of both desert and field because of their apricot coloured-waters.
As I near down South, the sky begins to darken. It is as if a thousand souls are longing to be free. Even so, I seem to have passed the dark clouds and moved forward to a lighter sky.
Although I thought so, another dark cloud awaits me ahead.
As soon as I move under it, the clouds began to shed their tears on me.
As I am now down South, the clouds only seem to have drizzled.
Soon after, the sun began to fill me with great warmth and ended the drizzle.

The sun leaves its home
The lonely clouds start to cry
As they fill the void

I stop here at a place down South. I know not how long I will be staying but I have truly enjoyed the good vibes of nature that God has provided me.
As for now, I must continue with my business.

Sep 21, 2009

Haiku: Shinobi


The wind of the moon
Water of the old river
ーA man of Shadows

Haiku: Konoha (Leaf)

Adrift along the stream
The leaf!
It knows not where it is headed!

Haiku: Akatsuki (Dawn)

Watching the night sky
Pondering on thoughts, I see
Darkness has faded

Sep 20, 2009

Haiku: Senran (War)

Dwelling in the night
I merge with the evening stars
My soul sets for war